Tuesday, September 23, 2008


As a matter of fact I heard a proponent of this story on a local radio 
station on Wednesday morning.  Within five minutes this gentleman 
uttered bits and pieces of every crackpot doomsday comet theory (some 
borrowed from Comet Lee nonsense) and loony bin alien conspiracy tale 
Dave Mitsky 

reader from Cincinnati, OH November 1, 1999:

"Everyone who gave this book one star should realize that this book is
entertainment. Hancock is not a scientist or an academic of any kind - he's a
journalist! ... Of course Hancock tailors the facts to fit his theories - he
is not constrained by truth, science, or even ethics. He is a journalist.
...This book, and all those like it that preach pseudo-science, appeal to the
majority of people in this world who are scientifically challenged. Most
Americans don't have enough scientific knowledge to understand the technology
they face everyday, much less untangle the fact and fantasy in this book. It
is entertainment, but it's dangerous - science interpreted by a journalist!"
-- review of "Fingerprints of the Gods"
(crackpot conspiracy=extraterrestial civilization in Antarctica were our

Jerry Lodriguss wrote:
> You can only wonder what these kind of amateurs would do with the Hubble.
> They'd probably blow the real scientists out of the water.
> (endless drunkedness) I was drunk when I wrote that!
> (endless giggling)
> I couldn't hack math in college